Be Peace Schools and Coaching to the U.S., Africa and Beyond

Published on: December 1, 2011

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After 18 years in Costa Rica, I have relocated to Texas and established headquarters for Rasur Foundation International (RFI) there so we can continue to spread the BePeace Practice. Now over 500 U.S. participants have graduated from BePeace Foundations Courses, which I also teach at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica for graduate credit. I am offering the same course there for noncredit, along with a tour, in January 2012. Our 45 associates are currently offering BePeace in the United States and Africa.

At our U.S. BePeace Trainers Launch in September, two priorities emerged: BePeace in schools and BePeace coaching. Now we are implementing BePeace in a public school, located in Houston, and are measuring the outcomes. In 2012, we will initiate an extensive network of BePeace coaches to establish a new earth grid of peace.

The emphasis in both the school program and in coaching is on accessing wisdom and compassion at will. After years of development, the BePeace Practice is efficient and consistent in achieving that aim, so daily issues can be resolved with greater ease and joy. Recently a BePeace graduate shared:


For some time, I observed many conflicts between my son-in-law and my grandchildren. I have cringed at the harsh, demeaning words shouted at them. So I used my BePeace Practice in processing this and the answer that came was to talk with my daughter. I called her and asked if the three of us could talk about guiding the children’s development by accessing the wisdom and compassion of the heart. She agreed and the first step was for me to meet with my son-in-law. We began with the Feelings and Needs Cards and soon realized we had the same individual needs, as well as needs for the children’s well-being, just different strategies. Then when I pointed out that the children had the same needs that he and I did for respect and consideration, he got “it” and he got “me.” On my next visit to their home, the environment was much lighter. We are meeting soon to talk about positive strategies with the children that we can all support. I feel such deep appreciation for this outcome of my BePeace practice.


Imagine people all over the world, just like this grandmother, eliminating generational violence through peace practice. The human race has enough “know how” to establish world peace right now. Let’s go for it!

Rita Marie Johnson

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