History of Unity Preparatory School in Jamaica

Published on: September 1, 2012

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2012 is the year of Jubilee. Unity Preparatory School celebrates 30 years of sterling contribution to the educational development of our children in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and its environs.

The Dream

At age 13 I was visited by a gentle being in a dream. I was led to a strange drab site, assigning me an important work. My reply: “No, I am not ready.”

This dream haunted me for many years. After becoming ordained, I returned to Jamaica in 1978, and began my ministry with a group of 12. We purchased an old building, refurbished it, and by September 1979 the sanctuary was dedicated and 25 new members received.

The school was established in 1980 with four students. In less than a year, the population grew to 125 students. In 1982 the school was registered by the government of Jamaica as an educational institution. The last time I had the dream was shortly after the school was registered. This recurring dream had stepped into the light of reality.

Establishing a school and meeting the requirements was challenging. I never allowed myself to forget that God is totally in charge of what I do. I encouraged everyone to use this same approach. I would tell the children: “You are special. You are important. You can do anything you desire, if you believe in yourself.” They became college graduates and blessings to their communities.

Unlike most preparatory schools, we admitted students with learning disabilities. Many of these children became literate before leaving school and were able to hold simple jobs. This is especially heartwarming.

Our daily devotion includes reading the Daily Word, songs, story time and the Prayer for Protection. We also have a daily quiet period, encouraging children to focus on their Divine potential. There is regular classroom work, plus music, dancing, drama, computer, Spanish, sports, etc. We provide nutritional meals daily.

Many students have been awarded scholarships to study abroad in technology. The school motto is: “Unity is strength. Together we achieve.”

From Joann Landreth, Unity Worldwide Ministries: Pearl Davis has taught in this school for 30 years. Her teaching each year has helped to raise the consciousness of the island of Jamaica. The students who heard and grasped the powerful teachings of Rev Pearl also think and speak words that continue to build the consciousness of Jamaica. We say, “Thank you, God!”

Pearl Davis
Rev Precious Pearl Davis is the founder and principal of Unity Preparatory School. She is a recipient of the Myrtle Fillmore Award and also the Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Embracing the Dream Award.

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