One With the Answer

Published on: September 1, 2013

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For 100-plus years Unity has sustained an understanding: We are one with God. It is this transformative discernment that I believe Unity and New Thought leaders must practice and translate in order to create a world that works for all. The principle is simple: “seek ye first the kingdom.” Practicing this principle functions like a “golden key,” opening our mind to a consciousness of God: that which is greater than our needs, fears and preconceived ideas.

Most of us turn to God and to others for answers to fulfill needs. We miss the transformative experience of God-consciousness which expands our awareness and readies us for possibilities. It also strengthens our ability to discern unique guidance. As a young minister, I attended several church growth and development sessions looking for answers. In frustration I realized I could not sustain the ideas of another’s consciousness, but I could begin trusting in my oneness with God, oneness with all that I required to meet circumstances.

Trusting that a singular focus on God would manifest a unique solution to the challenge of relocating the church, I went on retreat with ministry leaders. Through meditation and honesty, we bonded in a spiritual clarity that resulted in “next steps,” curious steps such as finding a small church with a situation similar to ours that had been able to purchase property. Within a few weeks, a representative from one such church shifted the consciousness of my group with a “can do” story. Two years later, the ministry, which had moved 6 times in 14 years, purchased its first property.

Currently, serving on Unity Worldwide Ministries’ EarthCare team, I regularly encounter people concerned about the earth. Everyone wants to take action, and fast, due to dire reports of environmental destruction. “Seeking first the kingdom” may not seem practical enough; however, it is practical when you consider the transformative consciousness of God.

Answers can be right under our nose, but until we are renewed in mind through the awareness of God, we can miss them. For example, when I interviewed Unity of Portland, Oreg., I found they had been able to utilize a carbon-offset program to retrofit lights, resulting in $1,000+, per year, of energy bill savings. This program had existed for years, but it wasn’t until they were ready in consciousness that they were able to implement it.

What is possible when ministries address fear and needs by practicing spiritual principles? Can meditation transform our use of resources on the planet? Will turning that golden key feed the hungry? I’ve seen people wheeled into my church service get up and walk pain-free within one hour, and I’m convinced more than ever that our Unity message is healing: We are one with the answer.

Kathy Harwood Long

Kathy Harwood Long serves as a Unity Minister, teacher at Upland Hills School, Oxford, Mich., and member of Unity Worldwide Ministries EarthCare team. She lives in Michigan with her two boys Elijah and Isaac, and her partner Rev Matthew.

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