Spiritually Motivated Social Action: Called to Cause

Published on: April 18, 2016

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Having been in field ministry since my ordination in 1980 at the age of 23, I’ve changed and grown a lot. So, too, has our Unity movement. I’m still as in love with our teachings as I was when I first discovered them. I still stand in awe of their power to not only transform individual lives, but to truly transform our world with love. It is to this latter ideal—transforming our world with love—that I write to you today.

I believe that most of us in Unity recognize that within our teachings are the tools and practices that can, in fact, create a world that works for everyone with no one and nothing left behind. I believe, too, that the majority of us in ministry want to make as big a positive difference as we possibly can, not only in the lives of those who attend our spiritual communities, but in the lives of those beyond the safe and familiar confines of our own four walls. I know I do.

I also know how overwhelming it can be to make that bigger difference when we are often so very strapped for time and resources within our own ministries. We want to make a bigger difference. We know our teachings can do that. We just don’t know where to begin or how to do it or perhaps what is even possible.

What I also know is that the vast majority of men and women sitting in our congregations feel a similar call. They want to help heal the world, too. They want to make a difference and are looking for a place to do so; and they are looking to us to guide them.

I have seen it—and continue to see it—in my own congregation. The members of my community want to grow spiritually, but they don’t want to stop there. They want to see our spiritual teachings and practices “taken to the streets” and into the very heart of the issues facing our human family. This is why of all the programs and activities we offer at The Unity Center, the ones that support spiritually motivated social action remain among our most popular. From our very popular voluntourism program (Travel with a Purpose) to Partners (our flourishing fair trade boutique) and our work in micro-finance, our members get to take their spiritual practice to the streets and make a lasting difference in the lives of people well beyond our church walls. It is a difference they could not make on their own; but it is a difference they can make—and love making—as part of a community committed to spiritually motivated social action.

So, I ask you: What are the issues in our world that break your heart open? The environment? Social injustice? Poverty? Women’s issues? Animal rights? Where do you long to make a difference? Where are you being called to cause and what do you need to help answer that call?


Conscious Majority: A World that Works through Everyone

Something has been stirring in the collective unconscious of humanity, now finding its way to the surface of Oneness though conscious, awakened beings everywhere. On the leading edge of this awakening is the New Thought movement. The Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) is working in alliance with spiritually grounded and socially motivated individuals and groups around the planet to celebrate and amplify the One Power in which we all exist. While some call it God and others use words like Universe, Presence, Self, Brahma, Atman, Allah, Source, Life, Infinite One, I AM, Being, the Whole, Divine Mind, the Beloved, Great Spirit or Creator, this many-named Power is universally known and accessible to every human being.

During October 24-27, 2016, The Unity Center in San Diego, Calif., will host spiritually motivated activists at a unique new symposium convened by AGNT. Conscious Majority: A World that Works THROUGH Everyone features three days of workshops sharing real-world models and training for spiritual communities yearning to step up to the next level. Ministers, staff, congregants and friends are invited to delve into a mix of ideas, issues and programs becoming more relevant to their lives and the world with each passing day. Vibrant presentations by New Thought’s leading ministers and renowned spiritual activists will punctuate the gathering along with AGNT’s signature offering of inspiring performances and nurturing ambiance.

Engaged spirituality that inspires the individual life and empowers social upliftment is the mission of the Association for Global New Thought. We stand with a Conscious Majority of people on planet Earth who know that by connecting, supporting, and mobilizing one another toward the Common Good, we can create a world that works through everyone. Learn from renowned spiritual activists and leading ministers in the New Thought movement what this means to you, and how your community can participate.

To keep the momentum flowing, AGNT will offer a live webinar series to address spiritually-minded social engagement following the symposium. Here, participants will have the opportunity to explore ideas, and receive templates and training to responsibly address specific issues that members of their communities are bringing to the forefront.

The Conscious Majority is speaking with a new and unified voice about a world that works through everyone; not out of anger and violence, but in mindful reverence. We are evolving through the effective, compassionate and conscious engagement of human beings compelled by the sacred awareness of our unity with all life.


Concerns of the Spiritually Motivated Activist

Individuals and families form communities and society. Every human being has something to contribute along with needs and rights to be nurtured and supported. All sentient beings deserve our compassion. The earth is part of a living universe and, together, we comprise a whole system that begins and ends in transcendence.

Physical: Food, clean air and water, shelter, warmth
Safety: Security, employment, resources, health
Belonging: Love, family, acceptance, intimacy, community
Identity: Freedom, self-esteem, achievement, respect of and for others
Actualization: Morality, creativity, inspiration, success
Transcendence: Spirituality, contemplation, inner wisdom, ultimacy, union

A World That Works through Everyone addresses challenges such as:

Poverty and hunger
Racism and religious/cultural intolerance
Economic fairness
Access to education
Democracy; voter and civil rights
The criminal justice system
Gender inequity and intolerance
Human trafficking
Animal cruelty
Climate change, sustainability
Violence in all forms

The Conscious Majority is calling in its unified power now. The ripple effect in the collective consciousness of humankind is palpable. There is a global tide rising up to awaken and activate the sacred sameness that transcends the illusion of our differences. Let’s work together to fulfill this expanded mission. Let’s not re-invent the wheel or keep our best practices to ourselves. Let’s share them. Let’s awaken and engage the Conscious Majority. Let’s get to work!

Wendy Craig-Purcell

Rev Wendy Craig-Purcell is founder of The Unity Center, San Diego, CA, and author of Ask Yourself This! She serves on the Association for Global New Thought Leadership Council, was awarded Gandhi Non-Violence Award and was inducted into Martin Luther King Jr Hall of Preachers.

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